What is MLS Laser Therapy?

As much as we love our sports, we also have to be aware of the realities — injuries happen, and can cost valuable time and money when they do. Accidents are a big part of sports, as is contact with others who are playing and strenuous physical activity. Though sports are a healthy outlet, they can get you down, and it’s important to get effective treatment. 

Marc C. Pietropaoli, MD leads our team of professionals at Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics in Skaneateles, NY. We’re proud to offer MLS Laser Therapy to our patients as part of their recovery plan. MLS Laser Therapy is a tool that uses non-medicinal therapies to improve your quality of life after injury and other causes of pain. 

What is this? 

Laser therapy for injuries has been around for years, but has been steadily growing in popularity because of its ease of use and effectiveness. Lasers stimulate or inhibit cellular activity, depending on the type of laser used. MLS, short for Multiwave Locked Laser, is a type of Low-Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT. LLLT is also called, ‘Cold Laser Therapy.’ 

LLLTs are considered low level because other lasers, used for other purposes, are much stronger. MLS Laser, however, is a different breed of LLLT — while most of these lasers are single wavelength, offering a little bit of a difference at a time, the MLS laser has several wavelengths, which can help to more powerfully stimulate cellular activity. 

What happens if I get it?

This treatment is recommended to help you heal from a variety of ailments that may impair your mobility, including: 

If you are prescribed MLS Laser Therapy for your injury, Dr. Pietropaoli will guide you through the process. When you come in for treatment, Dr. Pietropaoli gives you a comfortable place to rest, and uses a device over the areas in which you’re experiencing pain. The laser light is absorbed by the skin, stimulating cell reproduction and healing in just a few minutes. 

You will need several treatments to fully heal, but Dr. Pietropaoli will tell you roughly how many treatments you can expect before you’re feeling like yourself. 

Does it hurt?

One of the many reasons that Dr. Pietropaoli offers this treatment to his patients is because it is pain-free. As the patient, your job is to relax, and take care of yourself to keep your healing process ontrack. Dr. Pietropaoli can adjust your therapy to suit your individual needs, and recommends other therapies for you, if needed. 

Can MLS Laser Therapy help my pain?

Dr. Pietropaoli is an experienced professional who has treated a number of patients with this type of therapy. MLS Laser Therapy is a pain-free, noninvasive treatment whose sessions take very little time, and allow you to eventually return to your regular daily activities, including any sports in which you may be involved. 

When your pain is limiting your mobility or affecting your daily life in any way, we may be able to help you. Call us today at 315-303-8352, or book an appointment with us online. 

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