We Offer Remote Visits: The Benefits of Telehealth

We Offer Remote Visits: The Benefits of Telehealth

Owing in large part to the recent COVID-19 global pandemic, the way we’re able to administer quality health care has changed. A recent study found that in 2021, 48% of patients in the United States received health care through telehealth, as well as 38% in 2022.

This trend toward telehealth may have been fueled by necessity, but the benefits that patients and practices discovered along the way mean that this convenient form of medicine is here to stay.

Recognizing this, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Marc Pietropaoli, MDand the team here at

Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics offer telehealth services that offer our patients a wide range of benefits, a few of which we discuss here.

The same quality care through virtual visits

While a “hands-on” approach to your musculoskeletal health is still very much needed in many cases, there’s a lot that we can accomplish through telehealth. Thanks to the technology in your hand or on your desktop, you can meet with Dr. Pietropaoli via video to discuss any issues or symptoms you may be experiencing. 

During these virtual visits, you have the complete attention of Dr. Pietropaoli as he sits down with you to discuss your concerns. You can also upload any photos that you have that illustrate your symptoms or concerns, as well as share other pertinent information or records.

Convenience is key

Through our telehealth services, you can save valuable time as you don’t have to make the trip to our office in Skaneateles, New York. Instead, all you need to do is carve out a few minutes at home or at work to meet with Dr. Pietropaoli via video conferencing.

This benefit is also important for anyone who may not be able to leave the house or office or has other hurdles, such as childcare or travel.

Privacy in place

Our telehealth services are completely HIPAA-compliant, which means your privacy is well protected. As well, any interaction we have through telehealth is only between you and the authorized users. 

Secure payment

In addition to securing your private information, you can also pay online with the same degree of protection.

Great post-operative care

If you’ve undergone surgery with Dr. Pietropaoli, we want the focus to be on your recovery and comfort. Through telehealth, we can check in on you after your surgery or procedure from afar to make sure that everything is on track and that you’re recovering well.

Managing medications

If we’ve prescribed medications for you, we can manage most of these prescriptions via telehealth, saving you a visit to our office. This applies to most medications, but you do need to see us in person for certain drugs, such as painkillers.

If you have more questions about our telehealth services or you’d like to schedule a telehealth visit, call us today at 315-303-8352, or book an appointment with us online.

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