MLS Laser Therapy: How Does It Alleviate Arthritis Pain?

MLS Laser Therapy: How Does It Alleviate Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis. This one small word is standing between you and your ability to lead the active lifestyle you once loved. If, like more than 92 million others in the United States, you’re struggling with joint pain and inflammation, you want to find relief.

At Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Marc Pietropaoli and the team understand the frustration with arthritis, and we want to help. As sports medicine specialists, we know the importance of an active lifestyle for your physical and mental health, and we have devoted our practice to helping clients remain active.

As part of our efforts, we offer MLS laser therapy, an innovative technology that reduces pain and inflammation in your arthritic joints.

Why MLS laser therapy is different

When you hear the word “laser,” you might automatically assume that we use intense (and hot) energy beams. While MLS laser therapy uses the power of light, it’s much lower than traditional laser energy, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as cold laser therapy.

This low-level energy isn’t designed to heat your tissues but encourages cellular communication in the damaged tissues to speed up healing. 

A great way to think about this is by imagining photosynthesis in plants. A plant absorbs the sun’s rays and converts the energy into the resources it needs to grow and thrive. With MLS laser therapy, we’re delivering light energy into your damaged tissues so that the energy can be converted in such a way that it accelerates healing.

Going further, we can adjust the light energy to your needs. MLS stands for multiwave locked system, and it’s the word “multiwave,” to which we want to draw your attention. Our system delivers two wavelengths of light energy — one to address pain and the other to reduce inflammation.

This combination of low-level wavelengths makes MLS laser therapy ideal for combating the joint pain and inflammation that are the hallmarks of arthritis.

Undergoing MLS laser therapy

Because the energy we use is so low, your MLS laser therapy treatments are absolutely painless, and there’s no collateral tissue damage.

Our practice has a fully robotic laser delivery unit that guides the energy into the target areas without ever touching your body.

In most cases, the MLS laser treatments last only about 15-20 minutes, and there’s no downtime afterward.

MLS laser therapy works best after a series of treatments, so you must keep up with your schedule to allow the effects to build. As you progress through your MLS laser treatments, you should realize gradual results as your pain and inflammation subside, and you can move your joints freely again.

To experience the amazing benefits of MLS laser therapy for yourself, please call our office in Skaneateles, New York, at 315-303-8352, or book an appointment with us online.

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